Dr.Ramsingh is known for her miraculous testimony of the healing power of Jesus Christ. She is the eldest of two children coming out of a Hindu background and at the age of nine she was sexually molested by her stepfather. She immediately told her mom what happened to her but her mother didn't believe her, so she was placed in an orphan home for girls and stayed there for over one year.

On returning home to the same environment she was further sexually molested.Taken out of school, with no education or skills; one day her mother came to her and told her 'You are going to get married or go on the streets.' What was she to do at the age of fifteen, marrying a man she didn't even love and at the age of 16, she was married off to a man eleven years her senior

Early on in the marriage, the abuse started. She could vividly recall the first slap...first kick....and pleads for him to stop, emergency room visits, bruises, cuts and lies to defend her wounds .

The abuse was too much for her and she eventually had a nervous breakdown. She was committed to the ST. Ann's Mental Institution where she stayed for almost a year, not knowing her name, address or family but God had a plan for her life.

She was  released, home on medicine but the abuse still continued when one day he came home and said he had found another woman.

With no education, skills, family support or money, she had her three kids with nowhere to live or place to go for help. She eventually went to someone she "thought was a friend", who told her that she was a pretty woman and that she could get her a job as a waitress... but it was not to be so. The new 'job' would lead her to the threshold of the life of prostitution.

Her first night she made over $3000 The 'perks' that came with the job was the fame and attention... apart from the drugs & physical abuse, rape, lesbianism, imprisonment and exposure to STD's. It would be benefits she would take full use of.

One night after coming home from a successful night, the next morning she was paralyzed from the waist down. An old childhood injury that had severely affected the lumber section in her spine, crippled her.

She went to several medical doctors, as well as obeah practitioners and witch doctors, trying to get healing. However, nothing worked.

Dr.Ramsingh was encouraged to attend the Benny Hinn crusade by her brother Dexter. The turning point for her life was the second night of the crusade. “I remember feeling something like electricity rushing through my body . . . like fire. It felt like nothing I had ever felt in my entire life. I was just in awe.” She said as she put her feet down for the first time in six months and walked.

Now ,Dr.Ramsingh is an ordained pastor of the gospel has established Healing Through The Blood Ministry and the Sandra Ramsingh Vallie Foundation. She has traveled around the world regularly sharing her story of how Jesus came and set her free from sin,she now holds a doctor rate in humanitarian 


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